Able Landscaping has ACT Government prequalification to $10 million civil and landscaping.

IRE Certificate

Able Landscaping is Industrial Relations and Employment Compliant. Please see attached IRE Certificate

Code of Practice Compliant

Able Landscaping is compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (DEEWR Letter)

Quality Assurance

Able Landscaping holds and maintains externally certified quality assurance management system which meets the Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 “Quality Management Systems”. The system is formatted in a Quality Manual and Quality Procedures which are implemented throughout operations.  The system is independently audited, at minimum annually

EEO Legislation

Able Landscaping and its nominated subcontractors are not listed by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency as non-compliant with EEO legislation.


Able Landscaping has a strong history of high levels of probity and ethical standards.  The company follows all tendering and procurement guidelines carefully.  Ables conducts its business with high levels of integrity, honesty and fairness and works harmoniously with all clients, subcontractors, suppliers and staff.

Able Landscaping has been operating for 40 years and has no past or current claims and or current litigation/arbitration with the principal on any other contracts.


Able Landscaping has in place an Environmental Protection Agreement and an Environmental Authorisation from Environment

Able Landscaping has a proactive approach to environmental management, and will look for opportunities to continually improve on existing environmental systems.

Able Landscaping has a detailed company environmental management which includes tree protection, dust suppression, hazardous material and gas controls within the system management procedures.  These procedures are implemented diligently on all projects.

Projects demonstrating Able’s outstanding environmental management experience and initiatives include:

-               Kingston Foreshore Development – Eco Pond – 2006 MBA Award

-               Mount Paynter Walking Trail – is a unique balance between the new constructions and the existing natural environment.

-               Australian National Botanical Gardens – various projects

-               Constitution Avenue – establishment of 130,000 native grasses, shrubs and trees – 1999 MBA Award.

-               Australian Defense Force Academy – paving refurbishment including recycling of all existing pavers over 22,000m2. This was an initiative by Able Landscaping resulting in cost savings for the client

-               Green Star Rating project experience at the Sirius Building and Australian Government Offices.

Waste Management Plan

Consistent with the ACT Governments ‘No Waste by 2010’ strategy, Able Landscaping encourages waste reduction on all sites, through:

-               Avoidance;

-               Reduction;

-               Reuse onsite or elsewhere; and

-               By recovery and recycling

Aims & Objectives:
Through a performance based approach, using measurable indicators, Able Landscaping encourages best practice approaches to waste management on project sites by;

-               auditing each project prior to commencement of works;

-               minimising construction and demolition waste through better construction methodologies;

-               identifying waste types and condition for reuse, recycling or landfill;

-               utilising waste products on current projects and providing storage for use on future projects;

-               engaging the services of The Australian Reusable Resources Network; and;

-               Providing onsite separation facilities, and training and inducting all site staff on safe and correct disposal of waste materials.

Construction waste is generally divided into two categories;

Demolition Waste:
Demolition waste accounts for over 40% of waste going to landfill in the ACT.

To minimise disposal of demolition materials, Able Landscaping will;

-               Identify the type and volume/tonnage of the materials to be reused or recycled onsite and offsite;

-               Provide best practice storage and collection of materials on site;

-               Maximise recycling of materials, and minimise waste disposal; and;

-               Separate material steams and meeting requisite environmental standards (e.g. Air, water, noise).

Construction Waste:
Across all projects, Able Landscaping encourages building and construction techniques that minimise waste generation. Through careful resource management, savings can be made on site improving financial outcomes for projects, making the company more commercially competitive.

Where ever practical, Able Landscaping will reuse and recycle materials, either salvaged from previous projects, or through recycled building product suppliers, such as the ARRnetwork and local businesses.

At all times, Able Landscaping will keep resources and materials carefully programmed for procurement and delivery to site, thus ensuring materials are delivered as required. This will minimise handling and storage costs, and risk of damage, destruction or theft of materials. Where materials are stored on site, all measures must be taken to correctly and securely store and maintain the materials until use, away from waste streams.

Monitoring, Reporting and Quality Assurance:
Waste materials for all projects will be monitored and audited for performance and compliance with the Waste Management Plan through the use of the Waste Management – Construction Pro Forma document. The document will be maintained by Able Landscaping site staff, and will identify the type, volume and intended final destination for all waste on site.


Able Landscaping’s aim as an external works contractor is to continually improve overall management of health, safety, environment and quality and reduce risks to people’s health and safety.

Able’s takes pride in ensuring our systems and reputation are continually improved as a quality civil landscaper by ensuring best practice in the industry and by sourcing partners who are leaders in these fields.

Able Landscaping has a proven robust EH&S system which is independently audited on a regular basis by a third party auditor to comply with ACT Prequalification Certification. Features of the system include:

• Staff training and inductions undertaken for all staff and subcontractors

• Safety procedures continually monitored on site throughout projects to ensure compliance and effectiveness.